Massage conditions
A massage is pure relaxation. The skin is very sensitive to touch. A massage reduces stress (cause of 90% of all diseases), stimulates the blood circulation and ensures that the waste products leave our body better. But above all, a massage is simply enjoyment.
Read this information carefully and discuss any complaints with the masseur so that he adjusts the massage to your situation. It is also possible that based on the information below, the massage cannot take place now and you should first consult a doctor whether massage is desired in your situation.

A massage at Dunez is a relaxation massage and is not intended to remedy complaints.
Unfortunately, people heavier than 125kg cannot use the massages because the massage table cannot handle this weight.
A massage treatment is excl. The entrance fee.
Our masseur gives you a professional massage, absolutely no sexual acts. Erotic allusions are not tolerated.
If the house rules are clearly violated, unforeseen circumstances arise or for any reason, the massage can be ended. The costs that are charged are for the time that has been massaged.

Your identity and privacy are guaranteed. Sensitive information that jeopardizes your identity and privacy will never be discussed with third parties.

It is desirable that you shower extensively in advance. A shower is available free of charge.
No appointment can be made for flu, fever, severe colds and an infectious disease. If you have physical, psychological or medical complaints, DO NOT conceal this! Report this immediately when making an appointment.

If you are extremely unkempt and unsanitary then I am in my right to refuse my services to you.
If you only book a massage, this does not entitle you to free use of the wellness facilities. Of course this can be booked with.

The rates may change over time. Please consult the rates page before you make an appointment.
Refunds are not possible.

Make or cancel an appointment

Massaging is only by appointment.
Appointments are best made via the booking form on this website, or otherwise by telephone.
There are no long waiting times. You can make an appointment in the short term, for example on the same day. First come, first served.
Cancellation must be done in time. This can be done by telephone or e-mail.
Are you looking forward to a massage but do not know when it is wise to be massaged or not? Below are guidelines that most masseurs use. Is your situation unique or do you want further explanations? Get informed by contacting me.

No massage possible if you:
• are under the age of 18.
• have an infectious disease such as influenza.
• are overtired.
suffer from a migraine attack.
have skin irritation or burns.
• are mentally unbalanced (psychosis, a lot on your mind, stressed or extremely panicky).
• are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
• have heart or vascular complaints. Consult your doctor first.
• recovers from serious injuries or major surgery.
• Recover from a bone fracture (this part of the body cannot be massaged)
• have severe hay fever.
• are heavier than 125kg
Do you meet all the criteria? Then you are SUITABLE to be massaged.
Our masseurs are qualified. At Dunez you will experience a professional massage. We work with delicious massage oil and pure olive soap. A massage treatment is excl. The entrance fee. Our masseur gives you a professional massage, absolutely no sexual acts. Erotic allusions are not tolerated.
Visit our attractive and fully equipped massage room, and make an appointment for a massage.

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